Use Internet Applications via SMS with NoSurfSMS

No more need for a smartphone to use internet apps like GPS and Weather.
Use now all these apps via SMS.

No credit card or account required.


You don't need an account to use NoSurfSMS. As an anonymous user, you get 5 free messages per month.
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Smartphones are undoubtedly one of the greatest inventions of the 21st century. They allow us to stay connected, anywhere, anytime. The convenience is nice, but it's easy to waste a lot of time on them and lose productivity. From students to professionals, everybody finds it hard.

That is why old phones have started to appear more and more often in the hands of those who have had enough of smartphones.

They have their own charm and advantages that everyone appreciates, but there is one obstacle that's stopping many from switching: the loss of essential apps.

Apps like Directions and Weather have become an inseparable part of our lives and for good reason. That's why NoSurfSMS is bringing these apps to your phone.

So What Does NoSurfSMS Actually Do?

NoSurfSMS is an online service that gives you information that is usually provided by modern apps, but through text messages!

Directions and Place

Directions and Place give your feature phone GPS functionality. The apps are highly customisable, you can choose between many modes of transport like walking or driving. In addition, you can look up information about specific locations like opening hours and precise addresses.


The customisable weather application allows you to quickly and accurately check the weather on your phone without needing internet access. You can customize your country, region, city and you can even change between Celsius and Fahrenheit. Get your daily forecast each day at the same time with the daily mode.


You don’t need a tablet with an internet connection to search up a good dinner recipe. NoSurfSMS allows you to input all of the ingredients you have and get recipes based on them. You will always find a recipe from our catalog of over 90 000 recipes.

Only The Essentials

NoSurfSMS does not have entertainment applications that help pass time. We only offer essential applications like Directions and Place to help you with your everyday life.

Accessible Anywhere

With NoSurfSMS, you don’t have to worry about having a device with internet access to check the weather or find your hotel. You just need a basic phone that has a sim card.

Privacy Guaranteed

Our business model DOES NOT include us profiting off your data. We don’t use any trackers or persistent identifiers.

Choose NoSurfSMS to...

Digital Detox

NoSurfSMS gives your basic phone the added functionality it needs, so that you can digital detox with zero sacrifice.

Access The Internet Without Any Risks

Use applications that require an internet connection without the risk of wasting your time web browsing.

Save On Expensive Mobile Plans

You don’t need to pay for an overpriced data plan when you use NoSurfSMS. Even with our free plan, you get access to all our apps.

Таке Back Your Privacy

Modern smartphones are filled with all kinds of trackers and data collectors. With a feature phone and NoSurfSMS, you have none of that. We are not a company whose business model relies on selling the data of our users.

Use Your Phone As Intended

By combining NoSurfSMS with a basic phone, your phone becomes a modern simple tool that simplifies your life.